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If there’s a single image from my childhood that embodies the Papo d’Anjo aesthetic, it’s this photograph of my brothers and me from 1970. The fashions of the time included maxi dresses, elephant bell bottoms, and leisure suits. But our classic blue velvet Florence Eiseman dress clothes stood out for the simple fact that they would have looked beautiful in any era.

I’m certain that had my mother saved them, our outfits would have lasted through my own children and my nieces and nephews. It’s that kind of enduring quality I aspire to when I sit down to create each new Papo d’Anjo collection.

When Papo d’Anjo got into the catalog business, I was amazed at the reports I received from the customer service team here in Lisbon. Many detailed long telephone calls with mothers and grandmothers who wanted to know not only information about sizing and coordinating colors, but also the breed of ┬áthe dog shown on page 23 and where they could purchase the rugs pictured on the back cover.

Hearing about these conversations made me realize that my company is more than just a manufacturer of children’s clothing. It’s also a story and a lifestyle.

With this blog, I hope to share a behind-the-scenes look at what shapes the clothes I design. My love of Portugal, the birthplace of both my husband and my children, is obviously part of it and I will be using this space to recommend ┬ásome of my favorite aspects of my adopted home. Travel tips, recipes, favorite children’s books–all will be discussed in my posts.

The blog will be updated once a week, sometimes more as news and time permit. I hope you enjoy it and welcome you to join me in what I hope will be an ongoing conversation.

Catherine Monteiro de Barros

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