It’s (trunk) show time


When I started Papo d’Anjo fifteen years ago, I wasn’t exactly sure how best to reach and serve my customers. While I was delighted that several wonderful children’s boutiques wanted to carry my designs, they were only able to order a small fraction of each collection. But opening a store of my own didn’t seem like the right option, either.

My solution was to start showing the clothes at private Trunk Shows, where customers could gather in the comfort of a hotel suite or someone’s home to see and feel the collections for themselves.  I’d gotten the idea from the in-home shows that I knew were popular with American women. No one had done it yet with children’s clothing, but I decided to give it a try.

Today, our network of 100 Trunk Shows across the United States is the heart of Papo d’Anjo and the Spring 2010 collection is our most extensive yet. With over 900 pieces, the Trunk Shows offer more than double the options available in the catalog and web site.

Whether you are looking for a unique outfit for a special occasion or play clothes, you’ll find it in one convenient stop. Best of all, orders from Trunk Shows arrive at your door, with no shipping charges.

Part of what I enjoy most about going to a trunk show is that it’s like having a personal shopper. Our hostesses are experts at helping mothers coordinate outfits for all their children and know the sizing and how each specific style fits. I love seeing an entire family’s wardrobe spread across a sofa while a mother and hostess figure out holiday outfits or choose clothes for a special family photograph.

While some friends have told me that they would feel uncomfortable going to a stranger’s home, Papo d’Anjo trunk shows are not exclusive, members-only events. If you are interested in children’s clothing, you are welcome.

The Spring 2010 trunk shows start this week and run through the first week of November. Orders will arrive in time for Spring Break.

Spring 2010

I am particularly excited about this collection as I’ve incorporated several new fabrics into the line, including a lovely organza for dresses and pants, a Liberty print Lycra for girls’ swimsuits, and the coral pattern shown in this photograph.  It’s also the first time that our next generation of pajamas–made from incredibly soft flame-retardant cotton–will be available.

Trunk Shows are held across the country in major cities, including Boston, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. To find the trunk show nearest you, please email Sybil Heine at or call Customer Service at 888-660-6111.

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