Meet the Customer Service Department

The Papo d'Anjo Customer Service Department, from left to right:

The Papo d'Anjo Customer Service Department: (From top left) Alice, Pavlina, Tessa, Claire, Sandra, Mariana, Ana, Jacinta.

While each and every Papo d’Anjo employee is a valued member of our team, our unparalleled Customer Service Department is the crucial connection between our company and our customers. These eight women work almost around the clock (our last shift ends at 3:00 a.m. in Lisbon so customers on the East Coast can shop until 10:00 p.m. their time) to make sure clients get their questions answered and orders placed.

If you call our toll-free number, you may notice that the person you are speaking to has a distinctly non-European English accent. That’s because the Customer Service Department includes four women from South Africa who have moved to Portugal for its safety and quality of life. They bring yet another international perspective to our company.

As an American, I love hearing my employees’ observations about our customers from the United States. The Customer Service Team agrees that American mothers are less formal than their European counterparts and that our Southern customers are extremely friendly–some call to say hello every time they receive a new catalog.

In an era when most customer service is slapdash at best, I can’t tell you how proud I am that each member of the Papo d’Anjo Customer Service Department actually enjoys being able to take her time with every customer. I’ve heard many stories about long conversations with lovely grandmothers who ask questions that range from what the weather is like to the breed of the puppy found in the catalog.

Our team enjoys that American customers trust them enough to help put together outfits. Because they work in our main Lisbon office, they are able talk directly with the people who design and produce the clothing and can see and feel each item fist hand.

If you need help making an addition or substition for your order, or want to find a coordinating shirt for a skirt you bought earlier this year–or even last year–our team knows each line inside and out. Providing that kind of personalized service is what we do best.

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