The Amazing Multi-Purpose Papo Bags

Papo drawstring bags make packing easier.

There’s so much news this week. As you can see, our Spring 2010 collection is now online. I’m very proud of it and will be blogging about all sorts of topics related to the collection over the next few months.

Our trunk show season begins on February 22, so I wanted to take a minute to write about something that loyal trunk show customers know and love: the fabric drawstring bags that are used to pack most trunk show orders. Over the years, Papo fans have amassed their own collections of these bags, which in addition to being a fun way to make the orders feel more special, are extremely practical.

I’ve asked our trunk show hostesses for tips for how they use them. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • For traveling, either as dirty clothes bags or as a convenient way to separate each child’s clothing.
  • As a charming and easy gift wrap–just add a bow.
  • If you remove the drawstring, some sizes make perfect pillowcases.
  • Use the smaller bags for hair accessories or to keep socks, tights, and underwear separate from each other.
  • Medium sized bags are great for keeping sneakers or gym clothes in lockers.
  • Larger bags work well for storing clothes during the off season–add cedar balls to repel moths.
  • As a small purse.
  • As a travel tote for books, games, and crayons.
  • Great for toy storage, especially doll clothes and accessories.
  • As a dirty clothes hamper.

We are shipping Spring 2010 trunk show orders this month. If your order does not include a bag, please feel free to contact Customer Service at

Please feel free to include your own Papo bag tips!

2 Responses to “The Amazing Multi-Purpose Papo Bags”

  1. 1 kelly pasha February 5, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    when going to size chart for shoes it does not convert for shoes just for clothes. does not make it easy when shopping. was going to purchase shoes, but much easier on other websites.

    • 2 papodanjo February 5, 2010 at 9:14 pm

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I checked out our shoe conversion chart and noticed that it isn’t labeled as such! We will make sure that gets taken care of and thank you for pointing it out to us. In the meantime, you can access the shoe size conversions at Scroll down to the area marked “sizing” and it’s the second blue and white chart with U.S.A, European, and U.K. shoe sizes.

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