Insider Travel Tips: The Medieval Charm of Obidos

We shot the Spring 2010 calendar in Obidos, a Medieval city just over an hour north of Lisbon. Set high on a hill, much of Obidos’  charm lies in the fact that it’s a walled city where walking the streets feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Over the years I’ve shot many of my catalogs in this beautiful town because it combines  a lot of what I most appreciate about Portugal in terms of both architecture and color.  I can always count on the village for a wide array of traditional backgrounds of houses painted in traditional white with blue-trimmed windows and either green, brown or red doors.

At the same time, Obidos has a relaible amount of grand architecture in the form of stunning old churches and marble columned municipal buildings dating from the 18th century. Obidos also has many ochre  painted window and door frames. When combined with the fuschia colored bougainvillea that spills over the walls, the city provides a great contrast for the clothes I design. It is really a feast for the eyes–especially because the Portuguese light provides a glowing finishing touch.

The only challenge with Obidos is that it’s extremely popular with tourists. Before we shoot our calendars, I’m always careful to make sure that there aren’t any Portuguese or Spanish school holidays. If you want to make the most out of your visit, it’s probably a good bet to call ahead to make sure there aren’t any major tours that day.

It’s also fun for me to share that Papo d’Anjo and I are featured in the March 2010 issue of Vanity Fair. It’s obviously a huge honor and my family and I enjoyed the photo shoot very much. The issue is on newsstands now and I hope you enjoy the story.

1 Response to “Insider Travel Tips: The Medieval Charm of Obidos”

  1. 1 Luisa Gomes February 8, 2010 at 9:49 am

    Catherine,muitos parabéns pelo artigo na Vanity Fair, é bem merecido porque todas as colecção têm senmpre imenso bom gosto e a qualidade é fantástica.

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