Travel Insider: Spring Break in Palm Beach

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration for the clothes I design is to travel. For this collection, I chose several fabrics–including the red and blue coral used in the party dresses and the madras plaids for both boys and girls–because they reminded me of Palm Beach.

Growing up, a trip to Florida was a staple of every winter.  When my children were younger and we didn’t have to worry about conflicting school schedules, we took them to the Sunshine State for easy family holidays with my extended family.

Palm Beach reminds me of  a bygone era of big shiny cars in sorbet colors,  white capri pants,  big dark sunglasses, immaculately pruned hedges, and two tone shoes. And even though it’s certainly a draw for older people, this bastion of traditional Florida preppy style is also a great vacation spot for families. Here are a few favorite places to visit.

  • Sprinkles of Palm Beach An institution since its founding in 1985, this is the place to take the children for homemade ice cream–try the award winning double chocolate. The tuna and chicken salad sandwiches are also delicious. The shop was closed in 2009 due to a fire but is now back in business (561-659-1140).
  • Hamburger Heaven Classic American fare in a vintage Palm Beach setting where the kids will feel more than welcome (561-655-5277).
  • Lion Country Safari Roll up the windows and drive through this wildlife preserve of animals to see not only lions and tigers but also impalas, tapirs, and Asiatic water buffalo (561-793-1084).

What are your favorite Spring Break tips?

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