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The Volcano and Mr. Jefferson: Charlottesville Notebook

Patrick and Edward enjoying our impromptu holiday in Virginia.

A few weeks ago, my family and I flew to the States for my oldest daughter’s college tour. Little did we know that the volcano in Iceland would delay our return back home to England for a week.

Luckily, our trip took us to Charlottesville, Virginia, where my in-laws live for part of the year. I’ve always loved Charlottesville and our impromptu extended stay turned out to be a delight. With it’s perfect weather, stunning architecture, and earnest respect for early American history, I think that Charlottesville is the best college town in the country.


My children particularly loved walking around the campus of the University of Virginia and touring Monticello, the beautiful plantation Thomas Jefferson designed as his family home.  The trip turned into a crash course on this Renaissance man president.

My boys are 12 and 13 and enjoyed the adult tour. But for families with younger children, Monticello offers special family friendly tours where children are able to do hands-on activities in every room of the house.

Other tips include: Dinner at C & O, where the Steak Chinois is an old favorite. We also love eating at Duners, which is just outside of town, and Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar. The most charming place to stay in the area is The Clifton Inn.

Please add your own tips for visiting Charlottesville or the surrounding area. And if your travel plans were delayed by the volcano, I hope you are home safe and sound.

Dress your boys in flowers

Like most mothers, I can’t stand the grunge aesthetic that’s so popular with both boys and girls these days.   After my husband asked me to make him some shirts out of Papo’s custom Liberty fabrics, I decided to try them for my sons and customers.

What I found is that when my boys actually wear something a little more cheerful they got a lot of positive feedback. Other moms have told me this as well;  they continue to shop at Papo for happier alternatives to camouflage and dingy military colors.

In addition to Papo’s Liberty Button Down Collar Shirt (shown above), I also love the  heathered pique polos (below). The colors are as soft and beautiful as watercolors. They are perfect for playing as well as an occasion where you have to look a bit more dressed up.

I hope these items add some fun to your sons’ wardrobes.


Papo is Museum Quality

"Little Red Coats" copyright 2009 csherer

It’s always a pleasure for me to see Papo d’Anjo out in the world. That’s why is was particularly fun to hear that a photograph of Birmingham customer Carol Rosenstiel’s twin daughters is part of  “Shoot’n Southern: Women Photographers, Past and Present,” an upcoming show at the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, Alabama.

The show is a celebration of the prominent role of women artists in fine art photography and includes several pieces by Alabama photographer Carolyn Sherer, who over the years has photographed several children dressed in Papo. Please take a moment to check out her portfolio.

If you are interested in the tweed coats pictured, there are a limited number on sale at

The Best Baby Presents Ever

Of all of life’s milestones, nothing compares to the birth of a child. When I started Papo d’Anjo, many of my customers told me they were having a hard time finding baby gifts that felt both practical and special.

That’s why I created our Deluxe, Classic, and Basic Baby Baskets. Each includes luxurious versions of newborn staples — from super soft hand-knit cardigans and baby booties to hooded towels and nursing cloths. Every basket comes with our plush Papo d’Anjo bunny.

Over the years, many new moms have told me that one of the features they love most about the baby baskets are the pique-lined baskets themselves, which mothers  keep and use long after their babies have outgrown their onesies. They’re great for storing diapers, wipes, soft toys, and bibs. As babies get older, the baskets are perfect for organizing hair accessories, doll clothes, and socks or tights.

Every baby basket comes in a gorgeous Italian hinged gift box. I use them to store keepsakes such as letters and photographs from when each of my children were born and think you will find them both handy and uniquely special. Due to high demand and the fact that many of the items are hand-made, baskets can take 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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