Dress your boys in flowers

Like most mothers, I can’t stand the grunge aesthetic that’s so popular with both boys and girls these days.   After my husband asked me to make him some shirts out of Papo’s custom Liberty fabrics, I decided to try them for my sons and customers.

What I found is that when my boys actually wear something a little more cheerful they got a lot of positive feedback. Other moms have told me this as well;  they continue to shop at Papo for happier alternatives to camouflage and dingy military colors.

In addition to Papo’s Liberty Button Down Collar Shirt (shown above), I also love the  heathered pique polos (below). The colors are as soft and beautiful as watercolors. They are perfect for playing as well as an occasion where you have to look a bit more dressed up.

I hope these items add some fun to your sons’ wardrobes.


2 Responses to “Dress your boys in flowers”

  1. 1 Carol April 20, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Catherine, As a mother of two boys, ages 4 and 10, I appreciate your clothing so much. This post has struck a cord because I so love the liberty print shirt and have been longing to purchase it for my older son. I was just reading your print catalog the other day and showed him the photo. Unfortunately, I have been warned by him not to go there for fear he would be teased by others. We discussed the importance of being an individual and having style, and while this resonated with him, it clearly is not the time to push. I am excited, however, that he is willing to try your polo in the lovely deep purple color. He will look wonderful. And I am considering the liberty print for my four year old son, who will shine! Thank you again for your inspirational clothes and your blog. Carol

  2. 2 Jeena May 4, 2010 at 2:36 am

    I love the flower shirt too! I really, really like lavender, purple and pink on boys. I think it shows how strong they are, not how feminine. I am definitely going to get one of these for my 8 year old. I really think he will dig it! Nice work.

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