Boys’ Essentials on Sale

This week some of our most popular boys’ warm weather essentials are being discounted 30 percent.  Dressier options include our Classic Shorts and Little Boys’ Short Sleeved Shirt, which comes in some of my favorite fabrics such as our French madras and our classic cotton checks.

More casual options include Casual Shorts, our hugely popular Twill Classic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, and Chinos. I’m particularly fond of our new Lightweight Twill Shorts, which look slightly dressier. My own boys’ prefer them because they are extremely comfortable.

One of the unexpected treats of being a designer is finding out the many ways that my customers adapt my styles to suit their own tastes.  I got the inspiration for the Boy’s Tunic Shirt from my visits to Austria and Bavaria, where both boys and men wear them with Lederhosen. The style has been a hit not only with boys with also with girls.

The same is true of our beautiful Liberty Button Down Collar Shirts. They look great on boys, but are also adorable on girls when they are tied at the waist and worn with Plain Trousers or Jeans.

There’s a lot of other great news to share this week, including a fundraiser being held in New Orleans on Saturday. The event is being put together by a charity called Forget Me Not NOLA, which was created by a group of 18-year-old girls who wanted to do something to help people around the world.

This year’s beneficiary is Sentebale, Prince Harry’s non-profit to benefit the residents of Lesotho, South Africa. The event will feature a fashion show where all the children will be dressed in Papo d’Anjo outfits that I selected. I couldn’t be more pleased to have my company associated with an organization that shows how young people’s compassion can be such a force for good.

I’ll post photos and more information about the event next week.

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