What Makes a Classic

Over the past 15 years several styles have become what I like to think of as Papo classics. This season, my favorite example is the Pleated A-Line Dress. I make a version of it for every Spring/Summer collection and love that the timeless silhouette quietly stands out amongst the trendier alternatives.

Another reason I love this dress is that it’s a great example of my favorite aspect of designing, which is combining colors that you normally wouldn’t  think work well together. Navy and khaki is a combination most often associated with menswear, but I’ve found that it’s very fresh when translated into girls’ clothing.

Color preference is obviously very personal, and is extremely important to me. The above photo is a Sleeveless Party Dress I designed for this season using the same khaki voile. Again, the combination is subtle–there’s just a hint of orange at the waistline (check out the adorable flowered trim that I bought in a market in Istanbul). But when combined, the two colors make a very fun and unique statement.

I hope you enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend. Does anyone have tips to share with our readers about getting ready for summer break?

1 Response to “What Makes a Classic”

  1. 1 tada! shop June 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

    beautiful dress! loved seeing it in the newest issue of American Vogue (July 2010).

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