The History of Tennis Whites

My nephew William in his Papo tennis whites.

Wimbledon starts tomorrow and with it comes a return to proper tennis whites.  While the styles of tennis outfits have changed dramatically over the years,  wearing white on the court has been popular since the 1890s because it hides sweat stains better than colored outfits. It also helps fans distinguish players on the court.

During the 1920s, French tennis legend Renee Lacoste invented a white pique cotton tennis shirt that revolutionized tennis clothing. His new shirts were not only made of a fabric that breathed, but also were designed so that the wearer didn’t have to roll up his sleeves.

My entire family only wears white tennis clothes because I believe that dressing according to tradition shows respect for your opponent. But when my children started playing, I found it difficult to find class tennis whites. So I decided to design my own line of tennis essentials for girls and boys.

Since then, Papo d’Anjo has become a trusted place for mothers to get those hard-to-find white shorts, polos, tennis dresses, skirts, and sweaters. My customers tell me they particularly appreciate that our tennis clothes are free of sports logos and other signs of commercialism.

Enjoy Wimbledon as well as your own tennis matches this summer!

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