Style Inspiration: The Hacking Jacket

One of my favorite styles from the new collection is the Girl’s Blazer. I got the inspiration for it from the traditional British hacking jackets that my family wears when we go horseback riding near our home in England.

Traditionally worn for pleasure riding back in the days when the sport was more formal, a hacking jacket has a single back vent to accommodate a saddle. It’s also more fitted than a traditional blazer, with angled side pockets that are designed to hold their contents even when you are galloping.

Children are supposed to wear hacking jackets at riding camps and other horse events until they are young adults. My children wear them for all kinds of activities, from playing around in the fields to going to the store.

Because it’s both sporty and dressy, I thought that the hacking jacket design would make a perfect girl’s blazer. It can be worn with either jeans or a nice dress or skirt, and comes in either a luxurious camel velvet or orange tweed.

1 Response to “Style Inspiration: The Hacking Jacket”

  1. 1 Paula September 17, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    conheci agora o vosso site mas sendo uma marca portuguesa não entendo porque esta o site em inglês! Caso tenham outro site em português que eu possa visitar agradecia que me enviassem o endereço.


    Paula Caldeira

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