Portugal’s Leather Artisans

Because of its intense love of horses and horseback riding (more on that next week), Portugal has always had a thriving community of leather artisans. Many of them specialize in custom saddles and bridles, but there are also others who spend hours crafting a special pair of riding boots or cozy pair of sheepskin slippers.

Since many of these Portuguese leather products are not available anywhere in the United States, it’s especially satisfying to collaborate with these leather craftsmen to create children’s products for Papo d’Anjo. In addition to the Boys Leather Belts, Leather Tassel Mocassins, and Lace Up Shoes, I particularly love the Leather Hats which evoke the romance of true Portuguese cowboys.

All of Portugal’s leather artisans are old school in the very best sense of the term and therefore don’t have websites or e-commerce. But if you are ever in Portugal and want to take a look for yourself, treat yourself to a shop called Barroso in the Lisbon suburb of Belem. It’s where my husband had his first pair of adult boots made and where he’ll take our sons when their feet stop growing.

Portuguese boots is a topic unto itself.  So until next week, enjoy these waning days of fall.

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