Spring Break Packing List for Girls

Spring Break is still weeks away for most of us, but it’s never too early to get ready. I’ve packed and unpacked my children’s clothing so many times that I’ve gotten the process down to a science.

My first tip is to pick colors that coordinate with each other and stick with them for every child. The Spring 2011 collection is divided into three main color stories: pale pastels; hot pink, orange, turquoise; and red, white and blue. Each offers a number of options for both boys and girls of all ages.

For a warm weather holiday, I’d suggest these options for a girl.

Next week, I’ll put together a list for boys.

The response to Papo’s Spring 2011 Collection has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Thank you! As a result, a few styles are currently backordered in certain sizes.

Papo’s Lisbon seamstresses are working away to make sure these items are available as soon as possible and I apologize for any delays this situation may cause in completing your order. Rest assured that Papo d’Anjo does not charge a shipping fee for any backordered items.


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