Papo d’Anjo Supports Bebe Ravi

If you join us at an Autum/Winter 2011 Trunk Show you’ll notice a beautiful new capsule collection of hand-knit sweaters designed by me for Bebe Ravi, a children’s knitwear company whose proceeds benefit the Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage in Kenya.

Siamanda Chege and her two daughters.

Bebe Ravi was started by Siamanda Chege, a former fashion model from Kenya who now lives with her family in New York City. In addition to raising funds for the orphanage that bears her father’s name, Siamanda employs women in Nakuru, Kenya, to knit the sweaters.

Providing jobs in a region where unemployment rates run as high as 40 percent is no small feat when you consider that many of these women have been widowed by the AIDS epidemic. When I met Siamanda last January, I was knocked out by her charm and passion for her cause, which made me immediately want to join her efforts.

On my honeymoon in Kenya.

That I spent part of my honeymoon with my husband Pascal in that beautiful yet challenged country, made helping out feel like an even more natural fit. That’s why 100% of the proceeds from all Bebe Ravi knitwear from our trunk shows will go toward the Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage.

Please come see for yourself why these hand knit sweaters are so special.  Email Sybil Heine to find the trunk show nearest you.

P.S. This year, Siamanda has expanded her volunteer program to include high school students who want to work in the orphanage. It’s a program I hope my own children will have the honor to experience.


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