Lambing Season

Lambs are being born all across the United Kingdom. Because my family and I live in the rural Cotswold region of England, we get to witness this annual rite of spring firsthand. It’s an incredibly busy time for farmers, and our village bustles with activity.

Cotswold wool has been considered the gold standard since the Roman times. Throughout history, the church owned vast land holdings in the area. The wool trade made it very rich, which explains why there is a church and at least one “big house” in every village in the Cotswolds.  The huge  Bathhurst Estate was built with a fortune made from wool.

Much of the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was inspired by this special time of year in England when you know that summer will eventually arrive but the chilly air and abundant rain have you reaching for your sweater. I particularly love the green and gray color story in the top photo as it reminds me of the countryside and skies outside my front door.

I always use the highest quality wool for my cold weather collections. I believe strongly in supporting local businesses as a way to help communities thrive–an idea that is vigorously supported by Prince Charles, not to mention every noted environmentalist. Papo d’Anjo is the only children’s clothing company to still buy our wool tartans from actual Scottish mills.

Tartans, tweeds, wool sweaters and dresses are all on display at our Autumn/Winter 2011 trunk shows. If you are interested in attending a trunk show, contact Sybil Heine at to find the one nearest you.

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