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Catherine’s Picks for Fall

I pared down the Fall 2011 Collection to include only  the outfits mothers tell me their children wear the most. When combined with Papo’s new Vintage Collection, there are still many choices and combinations. But my hope is that this more selective assortment makes shopping for your children’s wardrobe even easier.

If my own children could still wear Papo, I’d certainly dress them in this season’s new red and navy plaid. Not only is it fresh and fun, but it’s also very versatile. For girls, start with the Kilt and the Double Ric Rac Collar Blouse with red trim. Layer on a sweater in either red, navy, or even yellow.

Match brothers in Plain Front Pants in the same plaid. Pair with a white Boy’s Button-Down Collar Shirt and a Cashmere or Half-Zip Sweater in navy. Finish the look with a Duffle Coat in navy, red, or saffron (looks great on girls, too). Or dress it up with a navy Blazer.

All of these items can be paired with other clothes from the collection, including Jeans and the Sleeveless A-Line Jumper.

I also love the Pleated Liberty Tunic Dress because it works very well for late summer and is the perfect back-to-school dress. Once the weather turns chilly, warm it up with Ribbed Tights, Velvet Sabrinas, and a Cashmere Cardigan.

What Makes a Classic? Inside Papo’s Vintage Collection.

When it comes to designing children’s clothing, I’ve always been firm in my belief that classic styles don’t need to chase fashion by seeking out new fabrics and styles. In fact, many of the world’s most iconic luxury brands stick to their tried and true styles for decades–even centuries.

That’s why I decided that in the transition time between summer and the launch of our Fall Collection, I’d reissue a few of our most beloved styles.

One of my all-time favorites is the Stewart Plaid Kilt and Coordinating Blouse (also available in a Gathered Sleeved Dress).  It’s shown here on my daughter, Tati, when she was in preschool. She’s now starting her senior year in high school and I think the outfit is as adorable now as it was when this photograph was taken.

Another personal favorite is the Girl’s Tweed Coat in several gorgeous English tweeds. It’s also available in either pink or purple tweed with a matching hat.

May your last few weeks of summer be restful and packed with happy family memories!

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